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5G allocation: Technology and telecom firms should collaborate

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Industry experts believe that while private enterprises should be given 5G airwaves, the government should create a level-playing field.

The auction for the 5G network is all set to commence next month. But, the controversy around the allocation of 5G airwaves to private enterprises is refusing to die down.

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Indian market may not hold the key

However, industry insiders believe that for Indian IT service providers such as Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys, owning a 5G network may not be the primary motivation.

Though the Indian market is important for companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and others, Indian IT firms are more eager to acquire 5G airwaves in order to demonstrate their expertise to global clients and participate in transformational deals in the telecom sector.

Technology firms want their own spectrum so that they can develop various use cases. First, these companies will showcase their capabilities, and then, they can participate in 5G-related digital transformation contracts globally. This is critical because India doesn’t have 5G deployment yet.

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