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NASA launches its first rocket from Australia's spaceport.

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

"Today's launch not only places ELA at the forefront of global commercial space launch, but it also confirms that we and Australia can provide access to space, and this is just the beginning for us," said a spokesperson for ELA.

NASA has successfully launched a rocket from Australia's remote Northern Territory, making history as the agency's first commercial spaceport launch outside the United States.

Launch with Ease

NASA's Psyche mission to an unexplored metal world comes to a halt

The rocket blasted off at just past midnight local time Monday from the Arnhem Space Centre on the Dhupuma Plateau, near the township of Nhulunbuy, according to Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA), the developer, owner, and operator of the center.

The rocket will travel more than 300 kilometers (186 miles) into space on its mission to observe the Alpha Centauri A and B constellations, which are the closest star systems to Earth. Alpha Centauri has special significance for Australia. According to Reuters, it is mostly visible from the Southern Hemisphere and is one of the "pointers" to the Southern Cross constellation that appears on the country's flag.

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